And While We Were Watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle …

After Wednesday’s ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) test out of North Korea …


… I grew curious how Kim Jong-un’s missile building guys managed to improve so quickly from lobbing failures into the Sea of Japan, to this latest launch, which by all accounts could have reached the East Coast of the U.S. had it been targeted to do so.

After all, this was the news out of N. Korea as recently as August 26: North Korea has fired several short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast, as the United States and South Korea conducted annual joint military drills that the North denounces as preparation for war. The US military’s Pacific Command said it had detected three short-range ballistic missiles, all of which failed.

“The first and third missiles at 11:49am and 12:19pm failed in flight. The second missile launch at 12:07pm appears to have blown up almost immediately,” announced the U.S. Pacific Command.

And then, a mere three months later, they come up with a missile capable of carrying a not-insignificant nuclear weapon, that could hit Washington. And by “Washington,” I mean the city, not the state.

So I went aGoogling. I took a wild shot and typed in “the speed of north korea’s rocketry development,” and guess what proper noun popped up, and repeatedly.

Go on. Guess.

Yep. Russia. Specifically, the Ukraine. Which really isn’t a part of Russia anymore, but on the other hand, really is part of Russia … again.

You may be aware of the recent troubles in Ukraine that involve everyone from Vladimir Putin to Paul Manafort, plus a lot of finagling at last summer’s GOP convention by Trump loyalists to ease up on Putin for engineering that nasty little coup there in Ukraine, and how all the sudden, sanctions against Russia were … well look, if you don’t know about all of that, I suggest you do a bit of Googling yourself. At my age, I don’t have time to connect all the dots that have developed between Trump and the Ukraine and Putin and Trump’s people and collusion and treason and such and such and such. I mean, there are a fucking lot o’ dots. Chock full o’ dots. You’ll have no trouble finding dots to connect. And you’re simply going to have to catch up yourself. Unless, of course, you don’t give a shit about connecting the dots between Trump and Putin. And in that case, you either 1) undoubtedly voted for the bastard (Trump), 2) voted for Jill what’s-her-name or Gary what’s-his-name, or 3) didn’t vote at all. To which I say Go Fuck Yourself and Get Off O’ My Blog!

Proceeding on … it turns out that Ukraine is one of the places where ICBM engines are built. Yes. Exactly. The sort of solid fuel rocket engines that can push a missile and accompanying payload all the way from Pyongyang to Washington D.C.. Go figure.

And would it not explain how a dirt-poor, authoritarian shithole like where Kim Jong-un rules could so rapidly advance from the nuclear launch equivalent of broken bows and bent arrows to super-power armaments? … if they were getting some aiding and abetting from somebody who likes to meddle in other country’s affairs?? What’s more, when you think about it, it seems their nuclear bomb-making accomplishments took a quantum leap or two in the past couple of years, too. Like, maybe somebody with a long history of A-bomb building might have whispered in Kim’s ear Here, try one of these babies.

Not that I’m suggesting Trump’s buddy in the Kremlin would have any part in revving up tensions that, if unleashed, could get millions and millions of people killed. But then again … really, how hard is it to picture Putin of the pursed lips, sitting shirtless astride a horse, contemplating both the international chaos, as well as the opportunities, that would inevitably result from even a minor thermonuclear exchange out in the northern Pacific boondocks?

Or that ol’ Vlad might foresee a benefit to himself and his efforts to elevate the Russian oligarchy, with him at the helm, into the most powerful arbiter of everything on the planet Earth?

Or that ol’ Vlad thought he might ratchet the action up a few notches by supplying Porky Kim the means to drive Bat-Shit Donald even crazier, knowing that it wouldn’t take much for Bat-Shit to hit over-load?

Yeah … I know. I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist here. But I assure you, Neither Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, or Bat-Shit Doaldn are figments of my—or anyone else’s—fevered imagination. And I doubt there are many reasonable people on Earth who can dream up anything as sinister and wicked as what those three assholes are capable of doing, all on their own.



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