Yes, I’m Actually Going Fishing


fishing [362947].jpg

And if I catch one (a fish), I will race to the nearest iPhone and have a photo taken with myself holding this fish up close to my face like no one has ever caught one of the damn things before. And then I will rush to an Internet connection and transfer that photo to my Facebook page, where I will announce I’m introducing my new profile picture. Me and a fish.

I may even hang a guitar around my neck for the photo. But I’ll be careful to keep the guitar away from the fish, trust me. Wouldn’t want to get fish gunk on the guitar, would I? I know how much my Facebook friends like guitars.

And cats. I’m guessing about three-quarters of all my Facebook friends have at least one cat. Which, judging from the frequency of cat pictures I see on Facebook, they must love very, very much.

So maybe I’ll try to get a cat in my new profile photo, too. Me, a fish, a guitar, and a cat. That ought to get me, like, a million “likes.”

Of coarse, it all hinges on me catching a fish. So wish me luck.

This is not me, nor is it a fish I am likely to catch. But don’t you think it would be a nicer picture if he had a guitar hanging around his neck, and a cat?

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