The Moment of Truth. It’s Coming


If you have been following, however loosely, the near-daily developments in the disclosure of the Trump Mob’s ties with the Putin Mob, you will know that, even without Robert Mueller’s investigation being complete, we are on the verge of confirming beyond any reasonable doubt that the degenerate sleaze could not have—and would not have—taken the Presidency without massive interference and manipulation from within the criminal empire of Russia. For this, we must thank those diligent journalists who are unraveling the snarl of collusion, betrayal and treason, thread by thread by thread. Virtually every day, another damning piece of the puzzle is added to the greater picture. One suspects that when Mueller releases his findings, there will be little in it we don’t already know.

However, when that greater picture is complete, and it depicts in fact what our guts have been telling us from day one of this descent into darkness—that the will of the American voter was denied last November, and that without the treason and related crimes of the Trump campaign from the top down, Hillary Clinton would be the President—we have a heavy decision to make: How far will we go, both as a nation and personally, to set things right?

And if we’re not willing to do whatever it takes to set things right in our own country—not only for the sake of the country and the rest of the world, but for our own children—what good are we?



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  1. janetbm2010 says:

    I agree. If we want to preserve the Integrity of our country we are all going to have to step up in two areas that we are not comfortable with. It’s frightening to me to have to do that. We are in very dire times.


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