Have a Good Labor Day. But First …

A short one, this. Just got off four days of helping at a killer estate sale my wife staged, and I’m beat. That amounts to approximately 24 hours of being nice to people. I’m simply not built for that kind of sustained pleasantry. It wears me down. And when I’m wore down, blogging is the last damn thing I want to do.

But! … there is one small matter I want to address before it goes the way of most other current events awareness—i.e. down the crapper to the memory treatment plant, then on out to oblivion. It’s about this Charles Murray hog shipped in last week to speak at the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s mutual nose-pick.


If anyone had any lingering ambiguity about what the IFF is really all about, the fact that they chose an infamous, out-spoken (and discredited) bigot to be the main event should remove all doubt. They are a racist front organization, period … no matter what libertarian/free-market/corporate-accommodating sludge they have been spreading on Idaho’s dumb-as-dirt legislature for the last several years.

Follow along: Kansas billionaire Fred Koch, known for his racism and rabidly Rightist views—as well as being a co-founder of the John Birch Society, which fought, tooth and nail, civil rights for anyone but wealthy white people throughout the Fifties and Sixties—spawns two sons just like him who carry on the family fight and use the immense Koch fortune to set up clandestine right-wing influence-peddling facades throughout the American political landscape, one of which is ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council). ALEC is little more than a legislation slop mill that feeds those corporate-accommodating laws to state legislators too stupid to accomplish anything on their own, except perhaps to show adoring sympathy to gun-toting hillbilly imbeciles and to make abysmally racist statements on a regular basis. (Reference any Idaho GOP lawmaker who opens his, or her, mouth and lets words escape.)

The faceless drones at ALEC evidently do not feel comfortable openly pouring the pre-packaged legislation directly into the troughs of political lumps from dingleberry districts like Caldwell, Idaho, or Athol, Idaho, or … well … anyplace in Idaho, so they create yet another clandestine right-wing influence-peddling facade, give it a noble sounding name (Idaho Freedom Foundation) and provide regular paychecks to a couple of unctuous little toadies to tote the buckets of slop from ALEC to the legislative leadership and ladle it down their throats. Which, in turn, winds up down the throats of every Idaho citizen, like it or not.

Then, to congratulate themselves for their obedient toadying, the unctuous little toadies throw a mutual nose-pick, for which they choose an internationally-known race provocateur as key speaker. The provocateur is internationally-known only because he’s made a career of maintaining that whites are genetically superior to blacks and Hispanics, even though everyone he surrounds himself with (i.e., anyone who would go hear him speak) are proof to the opposite.

So! … in the end, what significant difference is there between the unctuous little toadies of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (and the billionaire Kansas white trash who funds them), and the screaming fascist swine that befouled our nation so thoroughly in Charlottesville a few weeks ago? I mean, other than the regular paychecks?

Or! … is it so impossible to imagine that the screaming fascist swine in Charlottesville were, and are, getting fed from the same teat? And, in the end, how much different is the Idaho Freedom Foundation from the Ku Klux Klan—or any other clandestine right-wing influence-peddling facade promoting Fred Koch’s vision of white domination?

Now! … have a good Labor Day.



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  1. Tammy Berdahl says:

    A racist by any other name…


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