Plenty To See Here, Folks … (if not much to think about)

Three hours before my regular bedtime …


… thirteen hours until my regular Friday post goes up …


… and I’m just now sitting down to start it. I know there’s much to talk about in Pres. Piss-Ant World, but there is also much going on in Cope World, and I’m tired as hell. So I’m going to have to give current events a temporary pass.

What I’ll do instead is throw more of my favorite oldie-time illustrations on for your enjoyment and hope nobody comes to Mr. Cope’s Cave tomorrow in desperate need of a seriously considered opinion. Just don’t have time nor inclination tonight to give the week’s leading characters any attention. Besides, with son-in-law Kushner and Piss-Ant Jr. scheduled to go before the Senate Intelligence committee next week, I can’t help but feel the real fun is coming.

Now, on to the gallery:


Cool fish, huh? I think it’s a tuna … the kind that lives in an environment of mayonnaise and pickles. But I’m no expert on fish, that’s for sure.


That little fellow on the column is Puck, according to the title. Puck is from England, as I understand it. Every time something crazy happens in England, people say “What the Puck!” That’s what I heard, anyway.


This is called “1000 Storms.” I’ll take their word for it, as I don’t have time to do the counting.


I know I said I wasn’t going to discuss politics today, but can’t you see this guy as Trump, sort of, first thing in the morning, before he gets his hair ready for public viewing?


I can’t help but like this guy. Not that I’d want him on my bowling team.


Don’t ask me why, but I immediately thought of Jeff Sessions when I saw this. Like, right after he heard what Trump said about him Wednesday.


“Streets of Iniquity,” this one’s called. That’s a word we don’t hear much anymore–”iniquity.” Means “grossly immoral or unfair behavior.” We should try to use it more.


I see this, “Wild Cowboy,” as an early version of Tweeting and the cowboy as an early version of a crazy asshole without any idea of what he’s doing. How do you see it?

And finally …


This one, in my mind if no where else, pretty well sums up today’s blog. Only, I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to be the trained cat, the silly clown, or the big empty hole.


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