Beware the BOI


I told you once upon a time I wouldn’t be doing this, tacking a video clip from a more prestigious source up on my blog, but I think this one should be of particular interest to my neighbors here in greater Boise—specifically, the viewing range of KBOI.

In April, KBOI’s parent company—Fisher Communications out of Seattle—was sucked up by what was already the biggest owner of local broadcast outlets in the country, Maryland’s Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair has long been recognized as a progenitor of much of the nation’s right-wing slop, along with Fox and every other news source you’d be wise to never, ever believe.

On a personal note, I have watched KBOI since the day my folks brought home our family’s first television set. Until I went away to school (and frankly, long after) my idea of how local news anchors should comport themselves came from Bill Gratton and Dick Eardley. The only weatherman I can remember from my youth is Marty Holtman, and long before there was Martha Stewart or Oprah, there was Bonnie Wallace. (Find yourself an Idaho native over the age of 60 and ask them what the hell I’m talking about. That is, of course, if you give a crap what the hell I am talking about.)

In short, for half a century, KBOI, as far as I am concerned, was the station that best reflected life in southwest Idaho. I, nor do I suspect you, watch local newscasts for the momentous stuff coming from Washington or the world stage. We watch it to see what’s going on down the street. What’s coming tomorrow in the way of weather. Who’s running for what office and how’s that road project coming along. The last thing we need is a couple of imported phonies squatting in Boise Idaho, trying to influence what we think of current affairs back in D.C.

Yet that is what we now have. I started noticing subtle, and not-so-subtle, changes almost from the time Sinclair took control of the station, and now—thanks to John Oliver—I know why. There’s nothing to be done about it, obviously, as multi-million dollar corporate machinations speak much louder than a mere citizen’s wish to get some local news every evening without a mandatory helping of Right-Wing shit sauce on the side. But at the least, we can be aware of who’s trying to cram what down our throats.

And we can always take comfort in knowing there are other channels to which we can turn. (Hey KIVI, you got some room for me in your audience?)

Please watch:


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