Did I Help This Happen?

Boy, this last shooting thing has really got me to thinking.


I mean, a bunch of prayer-meeting Methodists in Charleston or 20 little kids in Connecticut is one thing, but these were Congressmen, for God’s Sake! And it was motivated by politics! Not that I’m implying a Klan-supporting racist isn’t making some sort of twisted political statement in slaughtering nine black church-goers, or that, really, any shooting incident where some half-baked moron gets his crazy-ass hands on a weapon he has no goddam business in the world getting his hands on, thanks to the political clout of the goddam National Rifle Association and their goddam GOP stooges in Congr …

Wait. Wait. Wait. This is exactly what I didn’t want to do here. Now is the time for all Americans to come together, right? I mean, this time the shooter targeted the very people who so diligently accept all that NRA money in order to make goddam sure a half-baked moron like this (or any other) shooter can get his hands on a flesh-mangling, crowd-killer assault weapon, and that just ain’t right! Congressmen are supposed to be exempt from this mass shooting shit, right? I mean … right?

Oh, except for Gabby Giffords. She’s a Democrat, and Democrats gotta expect somebody’s going to take a shot at them now and then, right? I mean, if Democrats don’t know what kind of half-baked morons resonate to the Republican vibe when they sign up to be Democrats, that just means they weren’t paying close enough attention. One the other hand, the Republicans must be thinking Wow! A Democrat with an assault rifle! Who’d o’ thought!?

But anyway, this has got me to thinking about how maybe all this intense rhetoric about Trump and Pence and Mitch McConnell and the rest of that rotten bunch of bastards—rhetoric to which I, myself, have contributed in my own humble way—has inflamed the atmosphere to such an extent that, now, even our poor, Republican Congressmen are in the crosshairs. And really, when you think about it, what have our poor Republican Congressmen done to deserve such bitterness being showered upon them? I mean, other than how they work like evil, Borg termites to gut every goddam thing that makes America a modern nation, from affordable healthcare to public education, from Social Security guarantees to consumer protection, from voting rights to national monuments to transparent government to worker safety to reasonable costs on pharmaceuticals to banking safeguards to … to … well to just everything.

Really, maybe we all—from our main stream media and investigative reporters and responsible journalists to you and me in our Facebook postings and private conversations—should just stop dwelling on what greedy, soulless shits they are and how they are demolishing all the goodness in America so that billionaire misanthropes can get control of an even bigger hunk of the Earth’s resources.

I mean, if a person like me (and a few dozen other people I know personally, plus millions and millions I don’t know personally) weren’t always calling them “greedy, soulless shits” and “rotten bastards,” would this last shooting have happened? Would they not have been able to play their phony little public relations baseball game in peace and safety, before going back to their closed-door sessions where they are scheming to throw millions of Americans off the social safety net and steal the public lands for their campaign donors and deprive millions of minority citizens of their vote?

Poor guys. I mean, the Koch brothers aren’t paying them to be shot at, are they?

And as to Trump, himself? … golly. Don’t we all have to wonder … I mean, those of us with the brains and sense of rectitude to understand what a low-life sack of disgusting amoral corruption he is … don’t we have to wonder if maybe we should just can this divisive talk of collusion with a murderous, fascist thug to sabotage the most fundamental tool of our democracy (our election process) … and how he (Trump) is a liar on a level rarely is seen outside of insane asylums and totalitarian states … and how everything he does is done out of his crazed, racist hatred for an ex-president that you and I admire, respect, will miss to the end of our days, and compared to whom, Trump is nothing but a repugnant stink just waiting to be aired out of history?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Perhaps you and I should cease and desist with all the “deranged Narcissist” talk, the “bribery” talk, the “nepotism” talk, the “dumb as mud” talk, the “lazy turd” talk, and most of all, the “traitorous scumbag” talk. I mean, really? … is it worth even one, poor, GOP Congressman’s safety for us to keep up this incessant insistence that the rotten bastards are taking all of America down the road to utter ruination?

Think about it …

… think about it …

… then let’s get back to work.



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