Pariah? Or Prophet?


My god, did you see that awful, tasteless, crude, despicable, awful, awful joke! Did that Kathy Griffin cross a line, or what!?

Or did she just jump the gun?

I mean, were it 1944, and she was a Polish Jew standing among the ruins of Europe, and the fake head was unmistakably Hitler, how outraged would we be then?

If it were 1933, and she was a Ukrainian, and the metaphorical head was Stalin, would we still be so shocked?

If in 1839, shortly after the Trail of Tears, and Ms. Griffin was one of the Cherokee or Choctaw who lived, and the head was a likeness of Andrew Jackson …

… or, if it was Pol Pot’s effigy in her hand, and the year was 1979, and she was a Cambodian survivor …

… or, if she were the mother of a Union soldier dead on a Confederate battlefield, and the head was Jefferson Davis …

… or, it was Mississippi, 1920, and her father was hanging from a tree on a rope, and she was holding out a Klansman’s head covered in a pointed hood…

… would we get the joke then?

Yeah, it’s pretty safe to have contempt for her now, during these early days. But we need to make damn sure her biggest mistake won’t turn out to be that she was simply ahead of her time.



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