Gonna Beg Off Today

Sorry …


… but I did tell you there would come gaps like this. What with working for my wife, having company visiting, and trying to catch up on my gardening after the shittiest spring in my recollection, ol’ Bill simply ain’t got the time for an opinion. Especially an opinion on events that are moving as fast as a flood of mud on it’s way to the bottom. And, of course, by “flood of mud on it’s way to the bottom,” I mean the Trump presidency.

So, I am opting to pay attention to my tomatoes and beets and leave you hanging. I’m sure you’ll find something else to fill the day. But I will say, before we all forget he’s gone, that poor Powers Booth picked a hell of a time to die. I think he was a much better actor and screen presence than he was given credit for. Had he done nothing more than portray Jim Jones in that frightening television miniseries (Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones—1980) I would remember him as a powerful talent.

But on the day Booth died (May 14), the world was deeply involved in another startling drama where a mass of stupid and gullible people were so hoodwinked by a corrupt and charismatic shithead that they willingly “drank the Kool-Aid,” as the old saying goes. Or has gone, at any rate, dating from the catastrophe in Jonestown.

Also, goodbye to Roger Moore. Not my favorite Bond, but look who he had to be compared to. How would you stack up against Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, huh? Huh?



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