woe is me

sorry, but not much today, either. got a bad hand.


feels like a tooth ache on the end of my arm. tendonitis, maybe, or carpal tunnel, if those aren’t the same thing. might be gout, i don’t know. what do I look like/ … a doctor/

all I know for sure is, hurts like a son’bitch.  and it’s the good hand that’s bad. the one I feed myself with and brush my teeth with and shave myself with and … uh, other things. doing everything with my clumsy hand because the other one hurts just to look at. which means i’m down to one typing finger. poor little bugger is hopping around the keyboard like a grasshopper on a hot griddle. which accounts for some punctuation and capitalization choices i’m making here-in. can’t hit two keys at once without screaming in pain. pity me.

would like to leave you with one question to ponder after i put the writing machine to bed and whine away the rest of the evening. — when the movie depicting the events we are currently witnessing goes into production–and you know it’s coming–who do you think they will get to portray mike flynn/ bannon/ melania/ the prick himself/ the prick’s family/

i invite anyone interested to use this premise to start one of those goofy surveys that always pops up on my facebook feed.  WHO WOULD YOU CAST IN THE MOVIE VERSION OF TRUMP’S RUINATION/ … working title–ALL THE PRESIDENT’S TWISTED, FASCIST, EVIL, IGNORANT FUCKS.



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  1. Sounds a lot like gout. The only usual, over-the-counter pain killer that will help is naproxen sodium (think Aleve). The usual, ibuprophen, aspirin, acetominophen (Tylenol) won’t touch it. See a doctor, he may try an ancient Greek medicine, colchicine which only works on gout. It that knocks it out you have your diagnosis.


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