Another Word We Can Use To Set Him Off

No time to write much today. Am deeply involved in my wife’s BIG-ASS ESTATE SALE!!, and will be for another few days.  (Check yesterday’s post for details.)

But, as we watch the Weasel Empire crumbling like a ‘Nilla Wafer in a toilet bowl, I’ve had a thought about the man (?) leading our nation down the primrose path to the grandest impeachment proceedings, ever. Compared to selling our country out to a foreign power, it’s merely a trifle. But I want to get it said before I forget.

* * *

Okay then …


,,, we’re well accustomed to the reality that he’s the dumbest man to ever hold the office. (I have a suspicion that’s why his loyal base sticks with him no matter what: They’re as thrilled as hogs at slopping time that … finally, after 228 years … there’s a president as stupid as they are.)

What’s more, I doubt if we could find a more ignorant president in our history—or possibly anyone else’s. Whatever this silly dick was doing in school, it was not paying attention.

But haven’t we seen enough by now that we can safely say he’s also the laziest asshole to ever lounge about the White House in his robe and flip-flops? What’s that word they were always trying to pin on Obama? …

Oh yes.  Feckless.

As in: Trump–that no-count, shiftless, feckless bum.

I suspect—and have suspected since the night of that Correspondence Dinner where our last legitimate President burned him like a fart—that nothing in this universe pisses the prick off more than coming out on the shitty end of a Trump/Obama comparison.

Therefore, it is your duty as a patriot to spread this description of him far and wide, and pray he hears about it. Over and over and over.



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  1. David Clark says:

    Boy, you nailed it. I always wonder in polls how 30 to 40% of the people seem to support Trump no matter what. As you said, it must be the fact that he is as stupid as them and they love him for it.


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