I’m using Mr. Cope’s Cave this morning to do my wife a favor. As I’ve mentioned several times, for the last four weeks, she has been preparing a BIG-ASS ESTATE SALE!!


(And so is tomorrow, and the day after.)

The item pictured above is one of the few things you not will find at my wife’s BIG-ASS ESTATE SALE!! 
The couple whose estate is on the block lived in this one house for 68 years, collecting things. Lots of things. Lots and lots and lots. Friends who’ve come to see how the sale is shaping up leave shaking their heads with disbelief. So … much … stuff!  Now that it’s all out on display, it’s hard to imagine how it all fit inside the house all those years with any space left over for the family.

So if anytime during the next three days (Thurs. — Sat., 9 AM-5 PM) you’re wondering what you might do to distract yourself from the on-going collapse of the House of Traitors, come on over to Caldwell—1515 Ellis—and have a look.

And bring money. It’s all cheap, but it’s not free.

Oh, and for those offended that I have turned this blog space into an advertisement—like there’s not enough of the fuckers on the Internet already—I understand. But I’m sure you’d do it for your wife. Assuming you had a blog of your own.

Or a wife.

Note: BIG-ASS ESTATE SALE!! is not how my wife describes her work. That was my idea. And as a favor to me, I would prefer it if you didn’t ask her how the BIG-ASS ESTATE SALE!! is going should you decide to come to it. Please.

There’s not one of these there either.

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