What Happens To a Political Writer When He Goes To Work For His Wife


canto-seven[1835].jpgShe is working me to death! No time for anything other than hard, degrading labor and what few snatches of blessed sleep I can steal when she’s not watching. Blog-wise, can only offer a handful of unrelated mini-opinions on recent news developments. Best I can do while hunkered down in the coat closet, hiding.

  • Wednesday evening, went to the only town-hall meeting any of Idaho’s Congressmen have stooped to attend since the election of the rancid You-Know-WHAT. One thing I have to give to Raul Labrador … he is very good at imitating an honest person. It’s unlikely Simpson, Risch or Crapo could come close to pulling it off so slickly.
  • Can’t decide if it’s more disturbing that Alex Jones has been putting on an extended performance piece in which he’s only pretending to portray a sack of insane hatred so wretched he’s willing to denounce the murder of the Sandy Hook children as a hoax! … or that there is an audience for such an act.
  • If we think of Fox News as a big, bloated, twisted, pulsating intestinal tract packed from duodenum to sphincter with bad meat and grease rotting away in a festering broth of bile and nasty, nasty bacteria, then it must be a great relief to the Murdock anus in the head office to have flushed out such a foul, stringy stool sample as O’Reilly.
  • Should anyone see a stray aircraft carrier strike group wander by, complete with destroyers and cruisers and a zillion dollars worth of fighter jets and smart missiles, do not tell—repeat: do not tell—the White House where they are. That would be like showing your toddler where you keep the loaded bang-bang toy.
  • When, in response to a Ninth Circuit judge from Hawaii putting the kibosh on the latest travel ban, Jeff Sessions complained, “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power,” I was in complete sympathy. After all, I really am amazed that an idiot racist worm from a shithole dump like Alabama could ever have become the Attorney General of the United States.

Oh fuck. She’s coming. Gotta go.

Sorry about the illustrations. I was going to find relevant pictures on my break, but she didn’t give me a break. So I just grabbed the first two off the top.

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