This Should Be Simple

What does a Supreme Court justice do …


… other than decide the Constitutionality of laws?

And what is more un-Constitutional than circumventing the Constitution, entirely?

And what greater disqualification for a prospective justice can there be than his complicity in one of the most blatant unConstitutional actions ever taken in this country by elected officials?

To anyone with a conscience, this is simple: If Neil Gorsuch had the character, the moral stature and integrity to be a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, he would withdraw his nomination voluntarily out of respect for the rule of law, acknowledge publicly that Barack Obama was blocked—illegally—from performing his Constitutional duty to nominate a replacement, and refuse to take any further part in this travesty until Judge Merrick Garland is given the hearing and vote that the swine Mitch McConnell denied him.

By agreeing even to be nominated, Gorsuch has shown he is an unfit and corrupted man.

But he will be approved, of course, by other unfit and corrupted men, and the torturous death of honor rolls on.

How much more of this can our nation take?



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