Thank You For Your Service, Buuuut … *

For the sake of discussion …


… let’s say it turns out that the whole rotten gang of them—Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Steven Mnuchin, Rex Tillerson, Jared Kushner, the chinless off-spring, others in the administration that we haven’t even heard about yet but most certainly will, and, of course, the Turd, himself—get caught.

I mean undeniably, unequivocally, indisputably, unquestionably caught. That their team collusion with the murderous Russian dictator thug is exposed. That their complicity in an international criminal conspiracy is mapped out so clearly that even Mike Pence can understand it. That their connections to the conniving Moscow mobster monster’s corruption is so established that in any nation truly governed by law, the bastards would already be indicted and on their way to trial as traitors to the United States of America.

Following me? I know this is some dense subject matter here, and getting denser with each turn of the news cycle. But all I’m getting at is this: Let us say … (and drop the “for the sake of discussion” part, seeing as how this bullshit with Russian is already waaaaaaay beyond the realm of idle chit-chat) … that we reach the event horizon when everyone in the country (except for Trump supporters, of course) has heard about what has happened and is happening. That everyone (except for Trump supporters, of course) is beginning to understand—if not every slimy twist and scuzzy turn—but enough of the plot-line of this insidious sell-out to know that some serious treason has gone down. That everyone (except for Trump supporters, of course) is starting to realize that the very essence of American self-governance has been compromised and that if we don’t do something about it … if we don’t demand that those responsible pay for their crimes and keep demanding until they are sitting in federal prisons … then we might as well put our heads between our legs and kiss our sweet democracy goodbye.

Now, let’s say you’re a Trump supporter. Not only a Trump supporter, but a military veteran. You’re one of those guys who wears his hat everywhere, announcing for all to see that you were in Viet Nam, or Korea. Or the Navy, or the Marines.

Okay, I get that. Sometimes I wish I had a hat that would show people where I’ve been, what I’ve done. Would save a lot of explaining, I bet, if people could see immediately on your hat what it was that helped shape you into the human being you are today. My hat would be somewhat less dramatic than your Viet Nam hats, or “Desert Storm” hats. It would say something like … “Veteran of Raising a Teenage Girl,” or “Twenty-Year Hitch in a Dixieland Band.” Or, “Used To Have Hair Down To My Ass.”

Like I said … not nearly as dramatic, and I’m relatively certain no strangers would approach me in grocery stores and restaurants to thank me for my service. (Still, I suspect a few might at least wink and give me a thumbs up. Really, there are all sorts of bands of brothers.)

Anyway, back to the point. Let’s say you’re a military veteran and a Trump supporter, and furthermore, you’re one of the smarter ones. You are pragmatic, you accept undeniable evidence when you see it, and you are especially sensitive to treasonous activity when you hear about it, given what you sacrificed for your country.

Yes, you really, really like Trump … want to see that wall go up, don’t believe Obamacare has done anyone any good, yearns to see America get great again, blah blah blah … but it has become evermore obvious to you that some damn shady shit went down over the past year. And you cannot keep the suspicion out of your noggin that maybe the Turd truly would not have won in November, had it not been for foreign intervention …

… that the American people actually did choose another leader—no matter how much you hate the idea—and that the majority rule you sacrificed for was tricked, bamboozled, fucked out of its rightful victory …

… that those things you have professed all your life to believe in … the principles you fought for on those far-off battlefields—the very heart of the reason all those strangers have approached you over the years to thank you for your service—that it is all in imminent peril of being ground down to nothingness under the heavy boot of lies, deceit and manipulation.

And you—yes, you—contributed to putting that boot into the one place he could do the most damage. More damage—especially in terms of our faith and trust in our political processes—than all the Viet Cong, all the North Korean soldiers, all the Taliban, all the ISIS/al Qaeda/Hezbolla, all the Nazi storm troopers and Imperial Kamikaze dive bombers and all the way back to Jefferson Davis’ rebels and King George’s Redcoats. More damage than all of them put together, all because this vicious attack on that way of life you defended so successfully is coming from the Turd-in-Chief, himself—from the inner-most inside, rather than from beyond our borders.

And he is doing it with your blessings, bestowed on him with your vote.

Alright, let us re-insert the “for the sake of discussion” condition into this conversation, because I wouldn’t want, in any way, to detract from the service you have given this nation of ours. No damn way. Thank you, indeed.

But aren’t you—down deep where your conscience lives—a tad concerned … I mean, should this Putin thing continue in the direction it’s headed like a run-away freight train … that it adds an uncomfortable, “and-now-the-rest-of-the-story …” post-script to your over-all record? An asterisk, of sorts, on the brim of your hat. Something along the lines —”The citizens of these United States thank you for the outstanding service you have given this nation and for defending it against enemies from with-out and with-in …*

*… all except for that one time when you joined forces with those who betrayed America to the Russians.

Maybe it ll has to do with the clappers, eh? Maybe they both belong to the super-secretive and ancient Order of the Little Hands.

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