The Deeper the Hole, the Farther the Fall

Look, it’s not that I don’t want the bastard impeached.


Believe me, there’s not a person on this planet that wants him impeached more than I do. All I’m suggesting is that if it happens too quickly, we might not get the maximum punch out of the proceedings. I mean, hey, we don’t want him just impeached, do we?

Noooooooo no no no no. We want him impeached, indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced … right? We want this sonofabitch where he deserves to be. We want him in prison.

And, if I’m interpreting the mood of my brothers and sisters in resistance correctly, we want as many of that gang of hyenas he’s gathered around him behind bars with him. We don’t want to merely switch out one lying, crooked, treasonous, low-life scum-bum for the next in line. We want a purge. We want an epic dose of righteous Metamucil to flush this foulness from our nation’s system. We want to be clean again.

So as I see it, come about this time two years from now is the best bet for dropping the hammer on this … as Belker used to say so convincingly on Hill Street Blues … “dirt bag.” First of all, I am more convinced every day that Democrats will control at least one chamber of Congress by then. And if I’m right, those “D”s most likely to shift the balance will have campaigned, and won, on the promise to not merely “drain the Trump swamp,” but to open that swamp up like a cadaver on an anatomy class slab, pull out each and every diseased component for the world to examine, and then lock the nasty cancerous blobs away forever in formaldehyde.

And while it is true that we are coming so near to critical mass with the continuing Russian revelations that Republicans in Congress will be forced to act—most probably in some puny, half-assed manner—they will never go after the whole rotten gang with the intensity this massive treasonous betrayal calls for. They simply have neither the guts nor the character to put integrity and justice ahead of their own self-interests. (If you doubt what I say, consider our Idaho Senators. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo are typical specimens of the spineless Republican mush licking at the flabby backside of Mitch McConnell. Just try to imagine either one of them behaving even a fraction as principled as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or even John McCain and Lindsey Graham. You can’t do it, can you?)

Secondly, if we put off the impeachment proceedings until there is a majority in the Senate—perhaps even the House, given the way things are moving—that is willing and eager to turn over every slimy rock and step on whatever crawls out, just imagine how many more crimes will have been committed in the interim. Like, we already know there are enough conflicts of interest in the cabinet picks and White House staff to fill Vladimir Putin’s summer palace. And we also know—because we’ve already seen it—that open sores like Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, and most certainly, the entire chinless Trump brood, are more than willing to make their own enrichment the top priority of the, so-called, Trump Administration.

And you can’t possibly think they will stop being greasy little thieving pimps just because they might suspect people are watching, can you? Noooooooo no no no no! I see no evidence that anyone in the administration is either smart enough or moral enough to cease being the diseased parasites they were born to be.

So what say we hold our horses and let those felonies and perjuries, those breaches of confidentiality and flagrant ethical violations, those derelictions of duty and those instances of criminal incompetence stack up, eh? Let them accumulate for the next two years until we’ve got enough outrage to hang their entire fucking ideology.

And then let’s hang ’em.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.



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