Get Over It? … Nah

Repeating what I told you yesterday: As a reaction to the contamination that the Inauguration has left and will continue to leave on the on-going history of America, I am reprinting two—one today, the other tomorrow—of my entries that have evoked the most response when they first appeared. Nothing has changed in my mind or sentiments since then (on Thanksgiving Day and December 5, respectively). And were I to try to contribute something new for this turbulent weekend—as I feel compelled to do—it would likely be a repeat of what I’ve already said.

If you’ve read them before, sorry to waste your time. But it is my sense there are a lot of people who thirst for a continuation of the energy seen on the streets in Boise and around the world Saturday. Perhaps you’d be doing them a favor to share.

Besides, I seem to have come down with some nastiness of my own Friday night, and I suspect I won’t feel much like writing anything for the rest of the weekend.

We have all noticed, I’m sure …

anger[795600].jpg… the comments from Trump voters disgruntled with the way we Hillary supporters have reacted to the advent of the Donald presidency. As one letter-to-the-editor writer put it recently: “No one from the far right proposed marching, demonstrating, rioting when Obama won the elections. It was an election, and their person lost. Get over it.”

I don’t believe it is worth the time and effort to dredge up the evidence of all the angst and acid that bubbled up from the conservative sewer in those months following the flops of their great white hopes, McCain and Romney—of all the threats to secede that arose from the sump-lands down Dixie way—of the noxious tsunami of vile racist imagery and comment that poured over the seawalls of civility, and has never subsided.

No, if we have learned nothing else by now, it should be that the sort of people who would believe Trump to be an acceptable human being … let alone an acceptable American President … are impervious to the proof found in recorded archives. Indeed, they have proven themselves impervious to history of all sorts, as well as questions of character, reliability, morality, honesty, consistency, truth, stability—in other words, anything that moderately intelligent people would take into consideration when doing something as serious as choosing a national leader.

(By the way, if there are any Trump voters reading this, let me define “impervious” so as you don’t feel left out. “IMPERVIOUS: adj. Not open; unreceptive: a mind impervious to reason.” So if you were thinking the word might have something to do with sexual deviation—i.e., “the PERV you elected president”—you were wrong. Again. Surprise, surprise.)

So revealing behavior from eight years ago, or four years, would mean nothing to folks who suspect that anything stinking of verifiable fact is some sort of conspiratorial plot by the mainstream media to teach them something.

But at the same time, I understand completely how frustrating it is to have to listen to this asinine drivel about how irresponsibly we are reacting compared to how maturely they reacted in ’08 (or ’12) without answering their charges in some way, no matter how meaningless it will probably be to the walking dead minority—repeat: minority!—who swung the Trump way.

In order to help you, my friends, deal with this frustration, I have prepared a response that might explain why it may appear to them that we are more disturbed by Trump’s victory than they were by Obama’s. Feel free to print it out and leave it under the windshield wipers or slide it under the front doors of any neighbors, fellow parishioners, work mates, family members or anyone else who is critical of you for remaining critical of them for the vote they cast last month.

* * *

Dear Trump voter,

 When we elected Barack Obama president, WE chose a man who won the hearts of a clear majority of American voters.

When you elected Donald Trump, YOU chose a man who, even with massive voter disenfranchisement and suppression, could not come within 2,500,000 votes of his opponent.

 WE chose a man who understood the Constitution thoroughly enough to teach it to law students.

YOU chose a man who shows no sign of ever having read the Constitution or understanding anything there-in.

WE chose a man who wrote books intended to inspire others to be hopeful and generous.

YOU chose a man who hires ghostwriters to produce books intended only to praise himself and glorify how greedy he is.

WE chose a loving family man.

YOU chose a man for whom family is little beyond a business arrangement, and for whom the most cherished family heirlooms are the non-disclosure clauses in the divorce papers.

WE chose a man who respects women.

YOU chose a man who has less respect for women than most pimps.

WE chose a man with charm, grace and humor.

YOU chose a crude swine whose idea of being funny is to mock physically disabled people and overweight girls.

WE chose a man who has spent his life working to improve the lives of people.

YOU chose a man who has spent his life working to defraud people.

WE chose a man who has remained calm, mature and classy throughout two terms in the most high-pressure job imaginable, in spite of receiving more insulting disrespect and demeaning abuse than any other president in our history has had to endure.

YOU chose an unstable and petulant brat who cannot control his tantrums no matter how trivial and inconsequential the perceived slight may be.

WE chose a man who—to this day, eight years later—we are still proud to have chosen.

YOU chose a man who—unless you really are as stupid as we think you are—you will regret having chosen by the time he is sworn into office.

 To summarize, when we elected Barack Obama president, WE chose a man who had earned his place at the top of American leadership with his diligence, his intelligence, his empathy for humanity, his hard-won education, his lucid and well-considered vision for the future, and the essential kindness of his soul.

When you elected Donald Trump, YOU chose an man who was given everything and earned nothing, has used any intelligence he may have to damage anyone he deals with, has done no work in his life that wasn’t meant to screw people for his own enrichment, has nothing but scorn for Humanity, has repeatedly lied about his education (along with everything else), has no vision of anything other than his own aggrandizement, and has demonstrated to the entire world that, if he even has a soul, it is one vulgar and vile sonofabitch.

* * *

So there you have it, Trump voter. That about sums up why we are still lamenting the results of the election, and will certainly continue to do so throughout the next four years. If you disapprove, tough. Get over it.

Or don’t get over it. We don’t really give a shit whether you do or not. And if it’s possible to hold anything in that brain of yours longer than it takes to pick your nose, remember this: We out-number you.


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