THE Best

As a reaction to the contamination that the Inauguration has left and will continue to leave on the on-going history of America, I am reprinting two—one today, the other tomorrow—of my entries that have evoked the most response when they first appeared. Nothing has changed in my mind or sentiments since then (on Thanksgiving Day and December 5, respectively). And were I to try to contribute something new for this turbulent weekend—as I feel compelled to do—it would likely be a repeat of what I’ve already said.

If you’ve read them before, sorry to waste your time. But it is my sense there are a lot of people who thirst for a continuation of the energy seen on the streets in Boise and around the world Saturday. Perhaps you’d be doing them a favor to share.

Besides, I seem to have come down with some nastiness of my own Friday night, and I suspect I won’t feel much like writing anything for the rest of the weekend.

On this day, I give my thanks to that person most deserving of it—


Barack Obama … my President … I thank you profoundly for the eight years you have given this nation and its people,

… for the intelligence, compassion and elegance with which you have administered your office,

… for sharing your beautiful family with us,

… for the sincere kindness you have shown those in desperate need of kindness,

… for protecting us with diligence, constraint and commitment,

… for your dedication to the cultivation of the human spirit, the enhancement of human opportunity, the refinement of human justice, the struggle for human transcendence.

You are an incomparable human being, President Obama, and your greatest legacy will be, always, your fine self.

It has been an honor to share this time with you.


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