What We Can Do, Post-Inauguration … But It Probably Won’t Help


Let us not be overly dramatic today.


Aside from all the utter revulsion and abject horror circulating in the atmosphere, this is not THE DAY AMERICA DIED … DA DA DA DUUUUUUUUUUM!!!

In fact, in many ways, I sense America coming alive in ways we haven’t seen since the Sixties—that white-knuckle confluence of  Viet Nam, the civil rights struggle, emerging feminism, consciousness awakening, spiritual experimentation, environmental awareness and … uh, er, well … oh, just a whole bunch of other stuff, much of which I can’t remember the names of.

It’s not a seamless fit, then and now, although much of what’s happening now makes it clear that many of those then issues weren’t as resolved as we thought they were. Yet the encouraging thing I see with the advent of the—(what I am seriously thinking about calling from this day forward)—the “Abomination Presidency” that is most familiar from those earnest days of “We Shall Overcome” and “Hell No! We Won’t Go!” is the resolution arising in so many Americans that “doing nothing” is no longer an option.

That if ever there was a time to stand firm, it is now.

That now is the time for all good men—and good women, and moral men and women, and non-racist men and women, and non-pussy-grabbing men and women, and non-election-rigging-crooked-asshole-Russian-stooge men and women, and non-crude-caricature-of-an-indecent-pig-prick men and women—to come to the aid of their party—not to mention their homeland, their species, and the planet we inhabit.

That this cheesy Balrog SHALL NOT PASS!!!

It is pervasive, this sense of commitment. And it crosses all the demographic lines that would have, in earlier days, restricted it to the young, or the old, blacks or whites, gays or straights, hippies or yippies or Catholics or nerds or Shriners or Unitarians or Hollywood elites or just plain folk. And it is emboldened by the reality we all share: That our candidate actually won the election—and by a goodly margin.

We are the majority, and can only grow from here.

It is heartening and exciting to see how, from one side of America to the other, people are dedicating themselves to the proposition that, maybe all men (and women) are created equal, but not all Presidents. And the one taking office on this day hasn’t earned the respect to be called a “man,” let alone a “president.”

Now, if only we—this great throng of dedicated, committed Americans—knew what to do going forward to save the country we love so dearly from the noxious miasma that has descended on it.

I hope you haven’t come to Mr. Cope’s Cave looking for tips. Honestly, folks, after weeks of agonizing over what I might do to help make this horror end, the best I’ve come up with is to call the fucker names. I trust other—smarter—people will devise strategies, if they haven’t already, to hold back the tides of darkness. But short of things I dare not think openly—and I know you’ve thought of them, too, in your most angry hours—I got nuttin’.

However, I have assembled a selection of actions I believe won’t stop, or even slow down, the Abomination Presidency. I’m not suggesting that we cross each or every item off our things-to-do-to-destroy-the-prick list. All I’m saying is that we don’t put our faith in them so completely that, when we find none of them work, we dissolve into despair and give up.

Here they are …

What Won’t Defeat Trump

  • Calling him names
  • Taking the high road and not calling him names
  • Appealing to his integrity
  • Appealing to his decency
  • Trusting that justice will prevail
  • Writing him letters
  • Exposing his lies
  • Disputing his logic
  • Waiting for the press to be his un-doing,
  • Waiting for the opposition party to be his undoing
  • Making fun of him
  • Being incredulous over his hypocrisy
  • Smirking at the irony of it all
  • Griping about him with like-minded friends
  • Waiting for him to grow up
  • Praying for him
  • Immersing yourself in good vibes
  • Believing that karma will set things right
  • Posting platitudes on Facebook
  • Signing on-line petitions
  • Sharing on-line opinion pieces
  • “Liking” on-line criticism of him
  • Anything involving an emoji
  • Striving to be your usual nice self in spite of it all
  • Hating him

Again, I’m not suggesting we discard any of these tactics. And certainly, none of them would hurt.

But if it were that easy, think of all the history that would have remained unwritten, the horrors that would have been avoided, the tragedies that would have never occurred, the pain that would have never been inflicted, the millions that would have never died, and the tyrants whose names we would have never known.


(Note: In choosing the usual pair of illustrations to enhance today’s post, I was torn between a cornucopia of choices, all of which I feel reflect the spirit of the day. Finally, I realized there is no reason I couldn’t use as many illustrations as I wished. So I did.)







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