Pretty Pictures?

Still groping around for something to feel cheery about.


Cheerier would do, even. Tried sitting through about a thousand funny cat videos on my Facebook feed, and it sort of worked. But only as long as I keep scrolling. As soon as I leave Facebook and come back to “Billbook” (otherwise known as “reality”) things look just as bad as they did November 9.

Worse, in fact … as the cabinet choices roll in. It appears Trump has compiled a roster of people more noxious even than himself, if that’s possible. There will clearly be no shortage of venality, corruption, racial hate and general despicableness out of the White House over the next four years.

(Note to next Democrat administration: Enact an iron-clad, no-exceptions law that a presidential candidate releases his or her preferences for cabinet positions and White House staff before the election. Well before. Enough time before to give the American people ample opportunity to find out exactly what kind of people a candidate considers to be worthy of shaping the future of the nation and the world. Would have been good to know a month ago.)

But for today, as the “shining city upon a hill” deteriorates into the “shit-smeared pit of vindictiveness,” let us look at some more pictures, what say? … if for no other reason than to take our minds off the malignancy spreading across our land.

We all like pictures, right? Yes, we do. And I especially like these oldy-time illustrations I’ve been inserting into my blogging activities. I have a whole passel to bring to you this morning. So let us sit down in a cozy place and, if only for a few minutes, allow them to transport our despondent minds away from the utter horror of it all.

This first one, I believe, is a representation of Napoleon, the narcissistic monster who devastated Europe some 200 years ago to satisfy his endless ego.


It’s interesting, don’t you think, how the little man seems to be admiring the size of the shadow he casts upon the land? Oh, and notice how he’s hiding his hands. What it is about them, do you suppose, that he doesn’t want people to see?


The caption on this one is the “The Frog King.” Sort of funny, isn’t it? … all those reverent, adoring little froggies, putting their trust in that which eats them alive and swallows them whole. Stupid froggies. We must assume they are simply too dense to see the mistake they’ve made, huh? You suppose they ever will?

This one is called “Big Spider.”


Is that a bowl of milk it’s crawling out of? Geez, that’d be worse than finding a mouse head in your Spaghettios.

Oh, and by the way, is it just me who thinks that creepy abomination bears a striking resemblance to U. S. Attorney General-to-be Jeff Sessions?


This one, “Pale Horse,” I believe is a reference to the Book of Revelations. “Behold a pale horse … yada yada.” As in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, get it? And that just gave me a funny thought. What if the End Times were led in by five dreadful horsemen, instead of the four we’ve always heard about. The white horse would be Conquest, just as we were taught, and the red horse would be War, the black would be Famine, the pale horse, Death, of course. But the fifth horse, the one with the funny orange mane, would be Abject Stupidity. Ha! That’d be like the head honcho horse, the orange one. The one that allows the other four to do their dirty work—Abject Stupidity.

Yup. Pretty funny.


This one didn’t have a name. I just put it in because it reminds me of something. But I can’t think what it is.

The next one, “Three Devils” is sort of a shocker.


Don’t know what country that is, but I’d say they’re in a hell of a fix, wouldn’t you? How the heck would you fight back if your nation had been taken over by such malevolent, vile creatures? Might be worth thinking about, maybe?

And finally …


I’ve used this one before. It didn’t come with a name when I found it, but I call it “Lizard Tongue,” though that’s not actually a lizard coming out of the old guy’s mouth. Don’t you hate to think there could be a man with such an evil fiend inside, hungry to get out and get revenge? But really, when you consider what we’ve been seeing lately …

Just saying.

Okay, that’s it for today. Are you feeling cheerier? Hope so.

Now, I have to get busy thinking about what to write for Friday’s blog. Shit.


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