The Greenman Stories

Long buried in a basement utility closet, moldering away under the arcane detritus of W. E. Greenman’s life (spider-infested bowling balls; thirteen buckle-up galoshes-all for the left foot; a complete, leather-bound collection of H. P. Lovecraft’s works, with illustrations by Joan Miró; a walrus ivory game board of Snails & Nails, still sticky after all those years; a yellowing baseball personally signed by the entire 1975 Cincinnati Reds baseball team; a pair of snowshoes; a red chow dog, stuffed and mounted; an unidentifiable spine; a moldering jock strap; and more) come The Greenman Stories, a collection of the most bizarre short stories ever to see print. Are they horror? Are they humor? Are they something else, all together? You decide…and if you are pulled inextricably into the shuffling Greenman cult, don’t pretend you weren’t forewarned.

Buy from Amazon Here.



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