The 1,000,000-Meter Race

I wouldn’t want the Olympics …

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No, this is not an event I watch personally

… to close up shop and go back into hibernation without reminding you how the Rio de Janeiro games began.

No, they didn’t begin a couple of weeks ago with the opening ceremony.  The first step on the road to Rio was back in 2007, when Brazil applied to be the host of the 2016 Games. It took another year for the International Olympic Committee to narrow the list of applicants down to four cities: Tokyo, Madrid, Rio and—as you might recall—Chicago.

Before the final decision was made in 2009, the family Obama—recently of Chicago, as you might remember—moved into the White House, much to the displeasure of some of their neighbors in Washington, D.C.  It is widely known, in fact, that virtually from the first day of Mr. Obama’s first term as President, there was a frenzied crusade instigated by many of those unhappy neighbors to see to it that, not only would he be a one term president, but that the single term would be an utter failure.

As we know in retrospect, those digruntled neighbors’ best efforts to smear Obama’s presidency … to throttle it from day one … to ridicule it … to undermine it … to fuck it up! … were the real utter failure, and that the President is leaving office with a remarkable record of success.

But in those early days of 2009, these nasty asshole neighbors—more often called “Republicans” by those who still strive for civility in the national discourse—were confident that a concentrated effort, made by such a collection of highly-placed white people dedicated to the sabotage of this … this boy’s time in office, could not possibly go wrong. It wasn’t simply a matter of thwarting the new president’s legislative agenda or rejecting his budget proposals. No, they were intent on humiliating him in every way possible. On stomping his aspirations for hope and change to dust. On punishing him for his audacity. On fucking him up at every turn.

Among other items on President Obama’s wish-list—along with a national health program, an end to the two wars in which America was entangled, and a healing of partisan divisiveness—was his desire to see Chicago picked as the Olympic city for 2016. Normally, the greatest share of American citizens, regardless of political leanings, would enthusiastically support the prospects of the Olympic Games being held in an American city. But there was nothing normal in the intensity with which these nasty asshole shitheel Republicans were dedicated to being against any and everything Barack Obama was for—including the 2016 Olympics being held in Chicago.

The following video was recorded in October of 2009, at an Americans for Prosperity function when it was announced that The IOC announced that Chicago had been eliminated as a contender.

AFP is another one of those shadowy organizations founded and funded by Charles and David Koch to advocate causes beneficial to, primarily, Charles and David Koch. It is rabidly averse to any movement away from the domination of fossil fuels, any sort of action to address climate change, any form of government-sponsored health care, any organized labor, any stimulus spending by the government—in short, anything and everything Obama was elected by a majority of Americans to accomplish.

The glee they show over Chicago’s rejection is evidence to how personally they took what must have been a minor disappointment for the president and his wife, and how vicious they had become in wishing failure upon Obama, even at the expense of American prestige and success.

However, these little Koch brothers butt-kissers were by no means the only nasty asshole shitheel mindless Republicans so elated by Obama’s disappointment. The day after the announcement, Rachael Maddow encapsulated well the general anti-Obama excitement over the IOC not picking the windy city.

Now, I’m not saying that the Republican Party or other right-wing Americans had any hand in the decision to eliminate Chicago … maybe. But with the ample history of corruption and bribery among international Olympic officials, is it so inconceivable that such a thing might have occurred? That in certain minds, defeating Obama on this relatively insignificant matter was worth any chicanery it took to do it? That, to certain minds, the failure of Chicago to be selected was only another orchestrated stumble in what they hoped the entire Obama presidency to be?

It was several more years before took the greatest share of the American media got around to identifying the Right’s hatred for Obama for what it truly is. And now the nasty assholes shitheel mindless boobs are wondering what they have to do to get minority voters to give their party a try.

Fat chance. There’s not a Republican alive today who will live long enough to see that happen. The offended always have sharper memories than the offenders.