Marching Orders

A sick joke?


incubus-1600 [221249].jpgA call to unify and energize 2nd Amendment enthusiasts?

A distortion by the “dishonest media” in blowing a harmless quote out of proportion?

Another burst of inappropriate stupidity from the ever-flapping mouth of an undisciplined, impulsive fool?

Nah. This is the same man who, in rally after rally, suggested to the cheering apes in his audience that not only should the protesters and dissenters among them be assaulted, but suggested he might pay the legal bills of anyone who did so.

This is the same man who bragged he “… could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

This is the same man who has announced he would go much further than waterboarding in the torture of detainees, and that the families of terrorists must be “… take(n) out.”

This is the same man who stands before a mob of hate-dripping golem and beams his approval when they chant “Lock her up!” … who takes no action when a member of his staff insists the opposing candidate should be stood before a firing squad and executed … who refuses to disavow the support he is getting from violent home-grown terrorists like the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan.

Nah. Trump knew exactly what he was saying, knew exactly what he was setting in motion, and meant it to be exactly what it has become.

And take this seriously, my friends: He wasn’t suggesting it for after the election, either. In that vengeful, poisoned brain of his, he knows there are any number of deranged, enraged misanthropes crouching down in their eternally-foul lives, playing with their guns and day-dreaming of wreaking havoc.

Count on it: He knows there are embryonic assassins listening when he talks—latter-day Lee Harvey Oswalds, Sirhan Sirhans, James Earl Rays, Charles Whitmans and Timothy McVeighs—and he was talking their language. And with the polls showing his chances of winning disappearing like a garbage scow slipping over the horizon, he knows the only possibility that Hillary Clinton won’t humiliate him in November is for there to no longer be a Hillary Clinton by November.

I don’t know what they call it in the Russian Mafia, but in the regular old Mafia, it’s called “a hit.”